Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD, 2048 x 1536 pixels, 950 MHz, 1 GB, GDDR5, 256 bit, PCI Express 2.1,


- Powered by Radeon HD 5870 GPU
- Supports PCI Express 2.1
- Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.1 support
- Integrated with the first 1GB GDDR5 memory and 256-bit memory interface
- Supports CrossFireX and Avivo HD technology
- Features Dual dual-link DVI-I / D-sub (By adapter)/ HDMI/ Displayport.


Maximum resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Processor frequency 950 MHz
Discrete graphics adapter memory 1 GB
Graphics adapter memory type GDDR5
Memory bus 256 bit
Memory clock speed 5000 MHz
Ports & interfaces
Interface type PCI Express 2.1
HDMI ports quantity 1
DVI-I ports quantity 2
DirectX version 11
OpenGL version 3.1
Cooling type Active
Form factor ATX
Other features
Mac compatibility

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The GV-R587SO-1GD is Gigabytes version of a highly overclocked Radeon 5870 graphics card. This furhter development has almost nothing in common with ATIs reference design. Gigabytes engineers created an almost entierly new PCB which only carries the be... Read More

  • Bottom line - General +-Quick and easy: This card simply is a dream! Due to the new cooler the card is more silent and therefore does it's job better than ATIs reference. Also with 27 Watts dissipation power in 2D mode you can even have a clear conscience when your...
Published :

AMD's best performing single chip GPU, the Radeon HD 5870, isn't quite a match for NVIDIA's bellwether, the GeForce GTX 480.If you want comparable performance from a high end AMD-based card, you have two options. Either stick two chips on one board for... Read More

  • Pros - Fastest HD5870 out of the box, Still only six pin molexes...
  • Cons - Same price as GTX480, Won't overclock much higher...
  • Bottom line - AMD's best performing single chip GPU, the Radeon HD 5870, isn't quite a match for NVIDIA's bellwether, the GeForce GTX 480.If you want comparable performance from a high end AMD-based card, you have two options. Either stick two chips on one board for...
Published :

It's very easy to do an enthusiast card poorly. Sure, you can slap on an aftermarket heatsink, bump the clocks by 15MHz and call it done, but for something to really be special it needs a little more thought - and a lot more oomph. GIGABYTE reckons tha... Read More

  • Bottom line - Doesn’t quite fit, but if you can afford it you’ll do well...
Published :

In the cat fight that is the current GPU marketplace, there are those who are content to stick with reference designs and those who are willing to go out on a limb and push technology to the bleeding edge. Falling into the latter category, Gigabyte ha... Read More

  • Bottom line - This Gigabyte card had a lot to live up to considering the pedigree shown by the previous two iterations in the Super Overclock family of GPUs. Ever since it was first shown to the press at CES in Las Vegas, there have been some small leaks but never a...
Published :

Honestly, if you asked me a few years ago "What brand Video Card should I look at if I want something different from the norm?", the answer would've been so different to what it is today. GIGABYTE while always being a strong company in the video car... Read More

  • Bottom line - The Super Overclock version of the HD 5870 has been a long time coming; we heard about the model a while ago and it was just a matter of playing the waiting game while GIGABYTE put the final touches on the model to make sure it stands out from the p...
Published :

Socks are boring. Everyone knows this. Even novelty socks with pictures of Homer Simpson in a Santa suit are, actually, boring. Look at the American sport for confirmation if you don’t believe us: the have had to use an X (the coolest letter or... Read More

  • Bottom line - The only 1GHz GPU we’ve seen is the , and even that has been withdrawn as there wasn’t a sufficient supply of fast enough GPUs that Sapphire could use. We had hoped that the Gigabyte SOC would become the second 1GHz GPU to grace our labs, but alas even...
Published :

Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD is an excellent solution. The combination of factory overclocking with a highly efficient cooler yields a great result. There's just one thing: that's not a unique advantage of GV-R587SO-1GD, this is relevant to all Radeon HD 5870 products. The 100MHz increase in core clock rate gives jus... Read More

Published :

We’ve been testing some very exciting Radeon HD 5870 GPU based video cards lately. We’ve seen customization in the past, but lately it seems that add-in-board partners are really taking things to the next level with current generation AMD GPU based vi... Read More

  • Bottom line - The GIGABYTE HD 5870 Super Overclock Edition provides the best out-of-box experience we have seen yet. With the GPU and memory frequencies operating well above standard Radeon HD 5870 frequencies your gameplay performance advantages will be real. If yo...
Published :

Last but not least we have Gigabyte’s top-end custom card, the 5870 Super Overclock. If the Sapphire Toxic is a card for buyers that just want a factory overclocked card, and the MSI Lightning is a card for serious overclockers, then the 5870 Super Ove... Read More

Published :

Gigabyte's GVR587SO-1GD videocard increases the Radeon HD 5870's core clockspeed to 950MHz, the effective frequency of its GDDR5 memory to 5GHz. This beauty of a videocard uses a custom dual-fan heatsink design for better cooling and takes advantage o... Read More

  • Bottom line - After a grueling battle that really did go the full twelve rounds, the epic bout between the Radeon HD 5870 and the Geforce GTX 480 comes down to a split decision. Both videocards have excellent gaming performance, and in older games especially the Ge...
Published :

When intense gaming action demands absolute attention, the last thing anybody wants is noise distracting them. Gigabyte's Radeon HD 5870 Super Over Clock delivers top-level graphics performance for DirectX-11 video games with an 950MHz overclocked Cyp... Read More

  • Pros - Very quiet fans under heavilyloaded operation, 1600 GPU cores at 950 MHz, Great performance for highend games, Outperforms stock Radeon HD 5870 versions, Adds DisplayPort monitor interface, Native HDMI 1.3b uncompressed audio and video output, Eyefinity Technology through DisplayPort and DVI (x2), 1080p HDMI Audio and Video supported for HDCP output, Supports CrossFireX functionality...
  • Cons - Overpriced premiumlevel product, Consumes 38W at idle and 269W under full load, Heated air is exhausted back into case, Lacks free bundled DX11 video game...
  • Bottom line - Although the rating and final score mentioned in this conclusion are made to be as objective as possible, please be advised that every author perceives these factors differently at various points in time. While we each do our best to ensure that all a...
Published :

Some people who demand the absolute best performance, want a little more than the stock 850MHz core speed reference HD5870's offer. Overclocking is a chancy business and often voids your warranty. We often see video cards with a paltry 25 - 50 MHz ove... Read More

  • Pros - Factory OC, Good Performance, DX11, Dual Inclined Fans, Voltage Adjustment, Voltage Measurement Point, Gauntlet Core Sorting, Samsung/Hynix Tier one memory, OC Guru Software...
  • Cons - Not the top performing single core GPU.
  • Bottom line - We like the Gigabyte HD5870 SOC and it represents an alternative for people that want an overclocked GPU but don't want to hassle with OCing one themselves, or prefer to keep their warranty intact legitimately. The HD5870 SOC also had a dual inclined...
Published :

The dust has mostly settled from one of Nvidia's largest ever launches, the introduction of the GTX 480. However, whether due to popularity, a small initial production run -- or both -- the GTX 480, and to a lesser extent the GTX 470, had up until rece... Read More

  • Bottom line - The Gigabyte HD 5870 Super Overclock left good impression on us. First off, perhaps the most important thing, the performance: the sizable overclock has boosted the HD 5870 almost into a hypothetical HD 5890's performance level: across more than 75% o...
Published :

A bit of a trend these days among ATI's partners selling Radeon HD 5870 cards is literally 'who's got the biggest e-peen'. It is very nice to see them push the limit further and further in producing the fastest pre-overclocked Radeon HD 5870, yes I a... Read More

  • Bottom line - Terrific... yeah this is a wonderful product. As IF the standard Radeon HD 5870 wasn't already fast enough Gigabyte ups the ante a little more by increasing the base and memory clocks even further, and not a little. That is a spicy pre-overclocked gra...
Published :

Enthusiasts are passionate about their hardware. While mainstream consumers target products with the best price to performance ratio, there is still a strong market for computer components that hold nothing back. For proof, look no further than Intel'... Read More

  • Bottom line - Before running a single benchmark, it was easy to postulate the outcome of our testing. Now that the scores are in, Gigabyte's Super Overclock has established itself as the undisputed performance leader. It consistently racked up the highest scores in...
Published :

Gigabyte hand picks the very best 5870 chips for use in their Super Overclock boards, and it definitely shows. Its out-of-the-box graphics core speed is higher than many stock 5870 cards can hit when OC’ed – neither the... Read More

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Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD, 2048 x 1536 pixels, 950 MHz, 1 GB, GDDR5, 256 bit, PCI Express 2.1,

GV-R587SO-1GD - 1024 MB, 256 bitt GDDR5, PCI Express 2.1

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